Our Guide to Bicycling In Atlantic Beach

Bicycling evangelist Dr. K.K. Doty said way back in the early 19th century: “Cyclists see considerably more of this beautiful world than any other class of citizens.” This certainly holds true for Atlantic Beach, NC! Bicycling is on the list of best things to do for families in Beaufort as well! There’s just something about bike riding when you’re vacationing at the beach…it’s a great way to see the sights, get in some exercise, and have fun with your family and friends. If you’re calling the barrier island of Atlantic Beach, NC, or any part of the Crystal Coast your vacation spot this year, you’ll find there are many Atlantic Beach bike rentals available. So be sure to make bike riding one of the many things to do in Atlantic Beach and nearby Beaufort, NC. 

There are also lots of vacation rentals to choose from! From oceanfront vacation rentals in Atlantic Beach to Beaufort NC vacation rentals and rentals in Atlantic Beach, you can select from oceanfront 2-5 bedroom homes, villas, and cottages, many of them close to bicycle rentals in Atlantic Beach, NC.

Where To Find Bike Rentals

A family enjoying their Emerald Isle bike rental

If you don’t bring your own bike on your Atlantic Beach vacation, you’ll find several bike rentals in and around the area. In fact, why tote along your own two wheels when you have enough to pack: the swimsuits, the sunscreen, beach towels, toiletries, etc. There are rentals to be had in Atlantic Beach as well as Emerald Isle and Beaufort.

Beach Wheels Bike Rentals

Adult bikes and trikes, tandem bikes, toddler trailers, and child tag-a-longs are all for rent at Beach Wheels Bike Rentals. Located in Indian Beach, about nine miles west of Atlantic Beach, this rental shop serves Beaufort, Emerald Isle, and Atlantic Beach. One-day, three-day, and weekly rentals are offered. Free “no contact” delivery and pick-up; bikes are cleaned and sanitized after each use.

Hwy 58 Bikes

Are you the adventurous type? Want to ride on the beach itself? Or maybe you’d just like to take a lazy, leisurely ride about town? Hwy 58 Bikes rents cruisers, electric bikes, hybrids, and even tandem bikes, as a fun thing to do for couples in Atlantic Beach. Bike sizes are for those 5’4” and up; there are also bikes for children in addition to mounted child seats. Helmets are included in bike rentals. The rental duration is one week, ideal for spending an extended stay in the area.

Beachside Bikes

Located in Atlantic Beach, Beachside Bikes has a wide selection of beach cruisers for rent. Ride the sand and experience the beach in a different and fun way! A helmet and safety instruction is included in the rental fees. You can rent by half-day (four hours), full day, three days, or weekly, giving you the flexibility to rent for as long or as little as you please.

Pedego Electric Bikes

Pedego Electric Bikes, near our Emerald Isle vacation rentals, takes bike riding to the next level! These rentals allow you to ride as normal or, if you choose, turn the throttle on the right handle and let it rip. A slow, leisurely pace or a fast ride—it’s up to you.  Tandem electric bikes are available. Rent by the hour, three hours, or daily. Open seven days a week, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Where To Ride Your Bike

OK, so you’ve chosen your bike rental company and style of bike. So, where to ride bikes near Atlantic Beach? You’ll find many scenic routes to take now that you’re saddled up and ready to ride. Let’s take a look:

Emerald Path

Start at Indian Beach and take an 11-mile trip through woodlands, grassy areas, and downtown. Lots of places to stop and park the bike to shop, dine, and even go to the beach as you follow County Road 58 all the way to The Point at Bogue Inlet at the western tip of Emerald Isle (where you can hop off the bike and walk to the end of the pier).

This is an easy, paved bike path so it’s a good choice for those who might not bike often and are not looking for a two-wheeled adventure through rough terrain. Make sure you check out our guide to Emerald Isle before heading out!

The Walk Atlantic Beach Loops

Colored walk/bike loops offer great ways to get around the town of Atlantic Beach, making a stay in our Atlantic Beach rentals that much easier! There are four paths or loops to choose from, covering all areas of the beach town. These are 1-3-mile loops taking you downtown, along the ocean, or around the town park.

  • Red Loop

The Red Loop is a one-mile rectangular path through the beach town’s West End: you’ll start at the DoubleTree Hotel & Pier and ride W. Macon Rd., drive by Pelican Drive Pier (or stop and fish and/or swim), along Shore Line Drive, and down Fairview Street. 

  • Blue Loop

The 3-mile Blue Loop offers many ocean views as you take a trip along W. Fort Macon Road, W. Bogue Blvd., W. Atlantic Blvd., and Ocean Ridge Dr. back to W. Fort Macon. You’ll go around Town Park, where you can stop and enjoy picnic areas, skateboarding, a splash pad, and an 18-hole mini-golf course.

  • Green Loop

Start at the Boardwalk on Atlantic Blvd. on the south side and travel through the heart of Atlantic Beach and follow the Causeway all the way up to the bridge: Bridge-Side Park to the north. Plenty to stop and do on this 2-mile trek: shopping, dining, and more. 

  • Yellow Loop

Also, starting at the Boardwalk, you’ll ride to the east rather than north: the opposite of the Blue Loop. You’ll ride through what’s known as the Cottage District, taking in the wonderful homes and ocean views as you pedal up and down E. Boardwalk Blvd., Money Island Drive, Dunes Avenue, Club Colony Drive, and along E. Fort Macon and E. Bogue Blvd. If you still need more activities, there is plenty of family fun at Atlantic Beach’s Local Park!

Rules of the Road

Riding a bike is like driving a car in North Carolina: as a bicyclist, you must follow the same rules and regulations as motor vehicles. Not only does this mean that you must ride on the right in the same direction as traffic, but you must obey all signals and signs as if you were driving a car or other vehicle. This would include obeying stop signs and traffic lights, yielding to pedestrians, and stopping at crosswalks.

Helmets must be worn on all public roads and paths when riding a bicycle in NC. Helmets are also mandatory for those under 16; luckily, this means that you can find helmets at all the bike rental companies in the area as well. You cannot ride bikes on sidewalks nor on the Beaufort Boardwalk.

Also, you will be treated as a motor vehicle operator if driving under the influence; all drinking and driving laws pertaining to bicyclists.

In addition to wearing a helmet, safety precautions include:

  • Riding single file when traveling in a group
  • Wearing bright clothes so you are visible to motorists
  • Ensuring your bike is the right size for you
  • Watching for backup lights when passing parked cars in case drivers do not see you
  • Remaining alert to the possibility of car doors opening when riding parallel parked cars
  • Avoiding riding at night

So, are you ready to explore the stunning Crystal Coast from your bike? You’ll need a place to park it in the evenings! Browse our wide range of Atlantic Beach rentals and contact us with any questions you might have.