Rental Information

Spectrum Properties Vacation Rental Information

Please Note that Information contained in this Vacation Rental Information document is in accordance with the North Carolina Vacation Rental Act. The rights and obligations of the parties to a Guest License Agreement are defined by Law. Your signature on the Guest License Agreement, payment of money or taking possession of the premises after receipt of the Agreement is evidence of your acceptance of the Agreement and your intent to use the property for a vacation rental.

Payment Types Accepted
We accept checks (preferred), credit cards (Visa, MasterCard & Discover), money orders, and cash. (There will be a $25 handling fee for all returned checks).

If we need to charge a reservation deposit for your stay, your reservation deposit(s) will be held in an interest-bearing trust account with interest disbursed to Spectrum Rental Properties. Included in your rental rate is a transaction fee that is released to Spectrum Properties per booking.

Travel Protection Insurance
Any available refunds will be claimed through your purchased travel insurance plan.

Hurricane Policy
In the event of a hurricane, we will keep our current Guests (renters) informed of any mandatory evacuations that may occur. We will also inform our current renters of any dangers imposed by hurricanes (as reported by the “The Weather Channel”), evacuation routes and shelter information if needed. For Guests arriving after a hurricane comes into our area, please keep in touch with our office for the latest information about your vacation rental. Any available refunds will be claimed through your purchased travel insurance plan. No refunds are guaranteed through Spectrum Properties.

Daily Rentals
A three-night minimum stay (or less/more for some properties) is required for nightly stays.

All rentals are subject to NC sales tax (6.75%) and Carteret County occupancy tax (6%) for a total of 12.75% in taxes, and all published rates are subject to change without notice.

Customer Service
We pride ourselves in top notch customer service. Our office is open from 9-5 daily and we have an after-hours emergency line. You can book 24 hours a day on our website, and we make every effort to ensure the information you see is accurate. After your reservation has been made, if you need additional information, please feel free to call us on our office number at 252-247-7610.

Rules and Regulations
Most condominium complexes have printed rules and regulations. Renters are asked to abide by these rules in addition to the rules of Spectrum Rental Properties. Violations may result in immediate eviction without recourse or refund.

Telephone Service
Owners are not required to provide telephone service in their property. Long distance or information calls should be placed on cell phones or charged to renters’ home numbers or credit cards. Any charges to rental property phones will be billed to Guests along with a $20 service fee for each call.

About Your Rental Unit
Most of our properties are privately owned and reflect the individual taste of each owner. Every effort is made to see that these properties are adequately equipped and properly portrayed on our website

There will be no refunds because of renters’ dissatisfaction with the property décor or for errors on our website listing(s).

Limited Occupancy
Overcrowding is cause for immediate eviction without recourse or refund.

Termination of Rental
Spectrum Properties reserves the right to refuse or terminate occupancy, if in our judgment, the occupancy would prove detrimental to the rental property.

We have some rental properties that allow our Guests to bring pets. In most cases, there is a non-refundable pet fee charged for this service. Due to condominium association rules, none of our condominium complexes allow pets. Any unauthorized pets in our rental properties will result in immediate eviction and a fine of $750.00 charged to the credit card on file.

You will be required to provide a credit card number as a guarantee that you fulfill other rental obligations. You are responsible for leaving your rental property in acceptable condition for other occupants. Your credit card will be debited / charged for intentional destructive acts, gross negligence, excessive cleaning, willful misconduct plus property damage, pet fees (not included / paid in original Guest License Agreement) and other violations. We ask that if your rental property is damaged to please notify our office immediately so that the item(s) can be addressed.

Parking Passes, Gate Control Cards, Keys
Each property has a lockbox on site, the guest is provided with the code to this lockbox at time of check in. There are 2 keys inside of this lockbox for the guest to use during their stay. If said keys are not returned to the lockbox at checkout, then the credit card on file will be charged $50 per missing key to replace. Some property complexes also require gate cards for entry and/ or parking passes for each vehicle. You will be issued all required keys, cards, and all passes (including pool) at check in (these items will be inside the unit). All keys must be returned to lockbox upon check out and parking passes/gate cards shall be left on the kitchen table at the property. You will be charged $50 for each key, card or pass that is damaged or missing from the unit.

CHECK IN Time is 4:00 PM
We must have time to inspect, clean and prepare properties before your arrival. Therefore, we would appreciate your observing our check in time of 4:00 PM. You will receive a text message from our office when your property is ready for check in.

CHECK OUT Time is 10:00 AM
All keys must be returned to lockbox upon check out and parking passes/gate cards shall be left on the kitchen table at the property by 10:00AM on day of departure. Any unauthorized late check outs will result in an additional charge based upon the summer season daily rate. This additional expense will be charged against your credit card. You will be charged $50 for each key, card or pass that is damaged or missing from the unit.

Departure Cleaning is Provided by Spectrum Properties
We ask that you empty the refrigerator & freezer, take out the trash and leave the kitchen area (including dishes/cookware) clean with all items put back in their proper location. If the above cleaning procedures are not followed, a minimum of $30 will be charged against your credit card.

Boats and Campers
Most condominium complexes do not allow boats and campers on their premises. If you are planning to bring your boat or camper, you may need to make arrangements for storage elsewhere.

Most homes have outdoor grills provided (as indicated in bullets describing individual properties), and these grills should always be located on the outside ground level. Designated grilling / cooking areas are found within most condominium complexes – individual grills are not permitted on decks / balconies of condominiums. Please cook only in the designated areas at condominium ground levels. Gas is furnished per property basis. If you run out of propane for the grill call Spectrum Properties and we will furnish a replacement tank.

Repairs & Service Calls
If you find that any repairs are needed in your rental property, please call us immediately. All requests should be reported to our office between 9:00 AM & 5:00 PM each day – we will do our best to take care of these repair requests as soon as possible. For emergencies during non-business hours, please refer to the appropriate emergency number located in your guest Arrival Email. There is a $50 service charge for Guests who lock themselves out of their property and require emergency service after office hours.

Things to Bring
We suggest that you bring plastic garbage bags, paper products, daily cleaning materials, staple items, and beach towels. Most of our kitchens are equipped for simple cooking; therefore, you may want to bring your favorite cooking utensils and spices.