Check Out Instructions

*IF you are planning to depart early, please send us an email or give us a call to let us know*

  1. Provided Linens
    • Remove all sheets and pillowcases from beds. Leave comforters folded up at end of the beds for cleaners.
    • At departure time, please gather all sheets, towels, and kitchen towels and place by the washer and dryer.
  2. Kitchen
    • Empty refrigerator.
    • Unplug toaster and coffee maker.
    • Make sure all dishes are clean, dry, and put in their appropriate places. 
    • Trash: Remove all trash from the interior of the house and put in trash bins outside. Please move trash bins to the road at departure.
  3. General Items
    • Clean the grill grates/discard of used charcoal.
    • Be sure all lights and fans are turned off. 
    • Set A/C up to 72 degrees in the summer season. 
    • Set heat back to 60 degrees in the winter. 
    • Lock ALL doors and windows (if opened)! 

Thank you for staying with us! We hope you will come back soon. Have a safe trip home!