Long Term FAQ

How do I find a Long-Term Rental?

First check our website. If it says no availability, call our Long Term manager, Cole Wagner. He may know of something that is about to become available that is not yet listed.

How long is the typical lease?

We typically do 12-month leases that need to be renewed annually. In some cases, we can do a shorter term if approved by management.

How much is the Application Fee?

The Application Fee is $35. It covers the cost of the Credit Report and Reference checks.

What is a Security Deposit?

We require a security deposit for all long-term rentals. In most cases it is the same amount as the monthly rent. The Security Deposit is held in a Trust Account until you move out. If you leave the property like you found it, with no damage, clean and with no unpaid rent, your Security Deposit will be returned to you.

How do I pay rent?

All rent must be paid electronically. We do not accept cash or checks. We will send a reminder email to you every month when the rent is due. You need to set up the electronic payment using your bank routing number and account number. The rent will go straight to our Trust Account.

What is a Late Fee?

If you do not pay your rent by the 5th of every month, a late fee will be charged to your account.

What is a Pet Fee?

We have some properties that accept pets. When they do, you will have to pay a non-refundable Pet Fee.

What happens if I do not pay my rent?

We have zero tolerance for nonpayment of the rent. If you do not pay your rent, you will be evicted from the property and face the possibility of court action. It will also be reported to Credit Report Agencies.

What is the Inspection Process?

We will do a move-in inspection when you move into the property. We will do a move-out inspection of the property when you move out to check for damage and cleanliness. We also may schedule mid term inspections during your occupancy to insure there are no violations of the terms of the lease.


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