Best Things to Do for Families in Beaufort, NC

The first step in choosing your next vacation is to choose an absolutely amazing destination that is the right fit for you and your family. You need to pick a place that is rich in relaxation and scenic areas or has lots of shopping and sightseeing, depending on your preference. When you can find a place that can offer both, such as Beaufort, NC, then you should book right away! 

A stay in a Beaufort beach rental located along Onslow Bay, and in view of the Atlantic, has everything you could possibly hope to find during your next vacation. The area has beaches, relaxation, shopping, sightseeing, tourist attractions, and more. Even better, the amazing accommodations that we offer will have all of your needs covered!

What to Do

Boats at the docks in Beaufort NC
Photo From: Unsplash

There are so many amazing and unique places to see in Beaufort. One of the first places that you should visit is Front Street. Not only does it have amazing sites and views, but there are also lots of boutiques and restaurants that give you tons to do while walking around. The docks have beautiful views of the water, and you can watch sailboats in the bay, or see some of the wildlife of the area. Perhaps you’d be interested in visiting the Old Burying Ground and soak up some history while you’re there. Or even better, book a ghost tour and learn the haunted history of Beaufort! 

Family-Friendly Attractions

If you’re looking for something a little more family-friendly, then there is a wide variety of areas to explore while visiting. We suggest booking a Beaufort Pirate Tour, which runs through the summer months, and offers you views of the waterfront that you can’t get any other way. There are also local museums and wile life excursions to indulge in! The kids may also enjoy visiting the local shops for the games and sweets that many of them have for sale!

Where to Eat

Beaufort has no shortage of amazing places to dine, but we have managed to narrow it down to a few of our favorites. The first on the list is Clawson’s, and locals will agree that you need to indulge here at least once during your visit. The food is phenomenal, the atmosphere is inviting, and the staff is knowledgeable in their menu items and local events or attractions to visit. The Front Street Grill is the next place, mainly due to their amazing views. Their food is also amazing and fairly priced, but the nighttime views of the water are so serene, and perfect for that date night. You can’t afford to miss out on this amazing dining experience.

Finally, we suggest City Kitchen as our third must-visit restaurant in Beauport, as the food is so unique and fresh, and the atmosphere is unlike any other. The restaurant itself is on the docks, and offers views of boat launches, and the harbor, and features many fresh catch items on their menu. If you are looking for more unique places to eat, feel free to browse through a few more of our favorite restaurants in Beaufort!

Where to Stay

Depending on the size of your party, we have lots of spacious rentals for you to browse through and choose from. The view that each rental offers is fairly unique to that specific rental, but you will have an amazing view regardless of which one you choose. Our rentals include some amazing amenities, including full kitchens, large sleeping quarters, spacious living areas, and large decks with great views. The rentals are all close to the above-mentioned restaurants and venues and are right on the water in many cases. You will absolutely love your rental property and will be counting down the days until your next visit. Contact us today to let one of our amazing staff help you get your next Atlantic Beach vacation rentals booked!