Try Something New and Go Surfing in Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach and the surrounding areas are one of the biggest up and coming vacation areas in North Carolina. With beautiful rentals properties, great dining experiences, and more activities than you can count, it is an incredible time for the whole family. While many people head to the area to sunbathe, kayak, and fish, one of the activities you have to try in Atlantic Beach is surfing! Atlantic Beach lodging is also incredibly affordable, making this a great spot to take the whole family.

Atlantic Beach has a great location for surfing and more than a few great places to take lessons along this gorgeous beach. 

surfers on the beach

Surfing Lessons

With Atlantic Beach and the Crystal Coast area being such a hot spot for both beginner and experienced surfers, there are a number of surf shops in the area. Private lessons are typically on an hourly basis for anyone who wishes for a one-on-one, more personalized experience. Many of the classes fit small groups of 2-6 students, so you can easily book time for the whole family to learn together! 

There is also an array of surf camps that can be single days or run for a few days. These camps provide in-depth lessons that can get you surfing in no time! Both surf camps and individual lessons can be aimed at surfers with different skill levels, so it’s a great time for more experience surfers to brush up. There are also kid-specific camps, so your little ones can learn a new sport as well. 

Where to Surf

The Crystal Coast beaches are known for their gentle sloping shoreline and smaller than average waves, making it the perfect place to learn some of the basics of surfing. Atlantic Beach in particular, as the most popular of the local beaches, is a great place to start. They have dozens of surf shops that provide equipment and rentals, which are very close to some of the best Atlantic Beach rental properties. You can rent boards by the hour or if you are planning a longer stay, you can rent on a daily or even weekly basis. Many of the shops also offer used boards for sale, which can be more affordable.

If you are a more experienced surfer, the fishing piers that line the beach can help to create larger waves. In particular, the Oceanana Pier in Atlantic Beach and the Bogue Inlet Pier in Emerald Isle are two favorites. Just be sure to keep a safe distance from the piers to avoid any injuries!  

Other Water Activities

If you have never visited the Crystal Coast area before, don’t think that surfing is the only activity! There is plenty to do along these gorgeous beaches. The area boasts some incredible biking and hiking trails, great kayaking areas, boat tours, and fishing! There are plenty of great activities outlined in this beginner’s guide to the Crystal Coast

Beachfront Vacation Rentals

With all of these incredible activities in the area, be sure to check out some of the best beach house rentals in Atlantic Beach as well. With some of the most spacious and affordable beach houses in the market, you’ll never have to worry about a long trek from surf lessons back to the house! There are plenty of rentals to choose from, so no matter if you have a group of friends or your whole family, there is a house that is perfect for you. Some of the rentals even allow pets, so your furry family members can make the trip with you. 

The Atlantic Beach area is a perfect getaway spot for the whole family and the perfect place to learn how to surf!