Take Advantage of 3-6 Month Rentals at The Crystal Coast

At Spectrum Properties, we often see many couples and families vacationing on the Crystal Coast and wishing they could stay longer. There is no wonder why with our beautiful blue beaches, warm weather and various towns each packed with its own unique charm.

With so much to explore on our coast, sometimes a week just isn’t enough time to fit it all in. Discover why we think you should consider one of our options for a 3 to 6-month rental.

Excellent Moving Option

Maybe you are relocating to the area for the military or you decided you would rather live at the beach. Over the past few years, many businesses have also gone remote, giving working families more flexibility on where they can choose to live. One great option is to try out our area before you fully commit to where you want to live. 

With a 3 to 6-month rental, you can come to see what the area is like, what activities best fit you or your family, and see which town better fits your lifestyle. Whether you choose the charming quiet feel of Beaufort, the new resurgence of activities in Morehead City, or the laid-back beach vibe of Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle, the area has many different options in terms of how you could live day to day.

Another way this could be a perfect option is because you can try out the different seasons on the Crystal Coast. Maybe you have vacationed here for years during the summer but have never experienced winter on the coast and wonder if that will be somewhere you would like to live during those months.

Booking a rental with us can allow you to see all of the various Fall and Winter activities that make the area thrive during those non-tourist seasons. From the Seafood Festival, various Christmas events, the Highland Games, and more, there isn’t a lack of fun events all year round and now you could come to see them for yourself. 

Migrate To The Warmth

It is one thing to enjoy a week in the mountains skiing and relaxing in a hot tub, it is another entirely to live for months in the snow. The winter season certainly isn’t for everyone and it is quite popular to relocate to a warmer area during those frigid temperatures. Maybe you can’t afford a second home but our long-term rental option can allow you to spend a few months on the coast where you won’t need a snow shovel. 

The Crystal Coast boasts a beautiful fall and winter season with temperatures averaging in the upper 50s and it not getting truly chilly until December. This can allow for beautiful evenings on a porch sipping on some hot chocolate with a light sweater by a fire or an afternoon walk on the beach where you won’t need to bundle up. 

With these seasons not packed with tourists on the beach, you can bring your truck or rent one, grab a beach pass and take it for a drive down the beach. Enjoy the adventure of driving up and down the coast or park, set up a chair, and enjoy a picnic with the sunset. 

Make It A Hub For Your Vacation

If you vacation to the Crystal Coast during the spring and summer, consider doing a 3-6 month rental to extend your stay. A week is almost never long enough and an extended stay can allow you to take your time enjoying all the area has to offer. Our homes come with all the amenities and space you could need to make it your home away from home. 

If you stay with us for an extended time, you could make it the hub for your friends and family to come to visit during those months when they are able to. Host them for a weekend or have a family member stay for a week. No matter who comes, you will be enjoying a beautiful vacation that everyone will want to join you for. 

Whether you want to extend your summer vacation with your family, getaway for the winter months, or just want to test out the area to see if it is a good fit for your family, Spectrum Properties has a long-term rental that is perfect for your needs. Check out the list of all of our 3 to 6-month rental options and let us help you enjoy the Crystal Coast even longer!