Islands Located in the Southern Outer Banks

North Carolina is an incredible vacation destination, especially when it comes to the coastline. There are tons of fantastic beach communities in the state.

If you truly want to escape the city and stick your toes in the sands, you’ll want to head to the Southern Outer Banks, sometimes called Southern Outer Banks.

Before you plan your stay in one of our Southern Outer Banks rentals, here’s everything you should know about the area!

About North Carolina’s Coast

It’s important to understand that North Carolina’s coastline is roughly divided into three sections: the Outer Banks, the Southern Outer Banks, and the Crystal Coast. The Crystal Coast is technically located within the Southern Outer Banks, but it holds a vibe all its own. The coastline of North Carolina stretches more than 300 miles and offers plenty of sand for everyone! 

Many of the towns along the coastline have between 1,000 and 3,000 residents for the ultimate small-town feel. One thing that’s certainly not small is The Outer Banks’ presence from space! That’s right; this incredible destination can be seen all the way from outer space, forming a small barrier between the mainland of North Carolina and the massive Atlantic Ocean.

pier and ocean

What are the Outer Banks Known For?

The Outer Banks make up about 130 miles of the total 300 miles of North Carolina’s coastline. This area is incredibly unique because of how far they stretch out into the Atlantic Ocean. The Outer Banks is also known for its incredible history, including famous destinations like Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills.

What Islands Make Up the Outer Banks?

Starting with the Outer Banks’ northern section, you’ll first find Carova, followed by Corolla and Knotts Island. These destinations are popular for outdoor lovers who enjoy activities like surfing and fishing. There are even wild horses that wander around the beaches! Next, Bodie Island is home to those notable towns like Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk. The Outer Banks also contains Roanoke Island, Hatteras Island, and Ocracoke Island. 

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What Islands Make Up the Southern Outer Banks?

Next, we come to the Southern Outer Banks. Communities such as Portsmouth and Cape Lookout are located in this region and the popular attraction of the Cape Lookout National Seashore. You’ll also find Cedar Island in this area, home to the Cedar National Wildlife Refuge. Nature lovers and animal enthusiasts are sure to love spending time in the Southern Outer Banks! 

What Islands Make Up the Crystal Coast?

Finally, we come to the Crystal Coast. This area has plenty of small, quaint villages such as Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores, Indian Beach, and Emerald Isle. These destinations are still full of water activities and local shops and restaurants to explore. You’ll be comforted by the small-town atmosphere and calm solitude the Crystal Coast brings, perfect for taking a well-deserved break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Southern Outer Banks Vacation Rentals

The Southern Outer Banks area is full of unique attractions, so if you’ve ever considered taking a vacation to the shores of North Carolina, now is a perfect time! We are proud to offer a wide range of vacation rentals in the Southern Outer Banks. Many properties throughout the beautiful communities of the Crystal Coast. Each property brings the utmost luxury and comfort while still remaining affordable. You won’t break the bank no matter how many people you bring or how long you’d like to stay. Ready to learn more about the North Carolina coast and plan your getaway? Contact us today to get started! 

the hanner rental dining area and view

The Hanner

Are you dreaming of a vacation where each room has a private oceanfront balcony? Look no further… The Hanner is a tastefully remodeled ocean front home located on Dogwood Circle in Pine Knoll Shores.

Perkins Cottage

Experience all of the unique allure that is, Perkins Cottage.  Located in the highly sought-after area of Ocean Ridge, this home boasts five bedrooms, six full bathrooms and one half bathroom.