The Best Casual Dining Restaurants In Atlantic Beach

When arriving on the Crystal Coast, for many visitors, it’s all about getting in the water and enjoying the many types of watersports available in Atlantic City, NC. Cycling is a great way to work up an appetite, and coastal biking is a beautiful way to see local attractions and restaurants. After breakfast, get going out on the water with parasailing, surfing, boating, and fishing, or slow it down a notch with a relaxing paddle in a kayak and get up close and personal with the ducks and all the local seabirds.  

Between your activities, once you’ve started to build up an appetite, check out one of these Atlantic Beach NC restaurants!

Sanitary Fish Market & Restaurant

Atlantic Beach oceanfront rentals from Spectrum Rental Properties have provided vacationers a home away from home for years. Everyone agrees that the Sanitary Fish Market & Restaurant is at the top of their list for things to do and places to eat in Atlantic City, NC.

Reaching as far back as 1938, folks have been flocking to this fish market & restaurant combo, making it a waterfront staple. This Morehead City landmark serves fresh seafood to people from all parts of the country. It is simply a classic of fine cuisine. Their happy menu features some fine meats and cheeses, delicious local produce, and of course, ice-cold beer and quenching cocktails. Stop by soon for an unforgettable feast and good times. They are open from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily.

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Finz Grill

Atlantic Beach family restaurants cannot compete with Finz Grill for affordability and things kids love to eat. You can always tell a family place by the smiles on the faces of all the moms & dads. Located at 330 Front St. in Beaufort, NC, right on the waterfront, it is known for its rustic atmosphere and especially for its menu containing such delights as hot wings, crab fritters, black bean nachos, sweet baby bacon burgers, oyster burgers, and a wonderful sauteed shrimp dish to die for. Hours are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. all week, every week. Enjoy a visit to this fabulous old eatery next time you are in the area, and contact them soon about what’s on the grill. You will love the results!

Shark Shack

Atlantic Beach NC restaurants like the Shark Shack make the coastline fun. The Shark Shack is family-owned, and seafood is their trademark. Central to Atlantic City, it is not only the food that attracts folks from far and wide but the music. Reggae music generally plays close by, and the scent of sea air fills your lungs and always makes you hungry. 

Atlantic Beach condo rentals are close to many fine restaurants, including the popular Shark Shack. It is located in the heart of Atlantic Beach, N.C. The “Crystal Coast” is famously known as Fisherman’s paradise and hosts the world-known Big Rock Tournament every year!

Upon arriving at The Shack, you will find that gently swaying palm trees shade our yard, and Flags fly proudly. Although small and quaint in size, don’t let the Shack fool you; it packs a punch of flavor with that small hometown appeal. Call them next time you are hungry and get to the Shark Shack for the best food on Atlantic Beach. You will be glad you did!

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Crab’s Claw 

Restaurants near Atlantic Beach, NC vary; some have cooks, some have chefs, and Crab’s Claw has the finest chef in the country! Well, that’s what everyone who visits this eatery says. Executive Chef Antoinette M. Oberci, or Toni, has a huge wall of credentials with a background in preparing the most delicious Caribbean Cuisine and wine and pastries. From her personally selected seafood choices to the oceanfront atmosphere, you will love your visit to the Crab’s Claw at Atlantic Beach. The Crabs Claw has a long history of serving fine food from 1997 on the Crystal Coast. Contact them today and find out why everyone talks about the Crab’s Claw and their delicious food.

4 Corners Diner

Atlantic Beach vacation rentals are available close to this top-rated restaurant where old school charm is alive and well. Mornings feel so good when you arrive at the 4 Corners Diner and see an entire page of delicious wake me up egg dishes like Belgium Waffles and a variety of french toast plates. Topping the list are sausage gravy and biscuits with grits, ham & eggs, and sausage gravy with bacon and ham. Are you hungry yet?

Dinner brings tasty fish dishes & other pure American comfort foods, and of course, beer & wine. Like the diners of the 1950s, this eatery has a majestic and nostalgic feel. This is personified in the clientele who appear extremely happy and hungry when they arrive and just happy when they leave. Be sure to call them soon for more information or stop by any time.


Atlantic Beach rentals and Snapperz for lunch are a marriage made in heaven. Snappers Family Restaurants have been feeding hungry vacationers for over twenty long years. They trust the Hanford family to serve them unprecedented plates such as fresh seafood, special cut steaks, fabulous burgers, and much more. With two locations, there is always one near you. Find them in the Emerald Isle and at Morehead City, NC. Contact them today for more information, and then head out to lunch or dinner. You’ll be glad you did!

When you’re looking for the best place to stay during your trip to Atlantic Beach, Spectrum has you covered! Our rentals are conveniently located near these restaurants, and some fantastic things to do during your stay. 

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