5 Reasons Atlantic Beach is the Best Beach Town

1. Summers in AB don’t feel as hot as other cities, in a good way

Don’t get me wrong, the average temp during the summer here is 89 degrees, but because of the town’s close proximity to the ocean, summer days don’t feel as hot as a lot of cities in the southeastern part of the US.

Speaking of oceanfront…

Beautiful Atlantic Beach rental with an ocean view

2. Fort Macon is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Atlantic Beach is home to Fort Macon, which is listed on the NRHP, an official list of places, structures, and things deemed worthy of keeping preserved because of their historical significance. This means that our fort really had a role in our country’s history. That makes it that much more exciting to be able to visit the fort when you are in town.

Check out this rental just up the road from the fort…

3. AB beaches are some of the most well-preserved

Ten years ago, if you came to Atlantic Beach, you would enjoy clean, stretching, beautiful beaches. Visit today, and you’ll find exactly the same. Our beaches are some of the best-protected and continue to be as gorgeous as they were when we first stepped foot on them.

4. Fireworks are a tradition on the island

AB holds annual firework displays every Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and New Years. It’s one of my favorite memories from growing up here, and it’s a great family tradition for a lot of folks.

5. Locals dive in the freezing ocean water every single New Year’s Day

Yes, you read that right. Every New Year’s Day, locals and visitors take part in what is known as the Penguin Plunge, where they run as a group into the chilly water to raise money for local charities.

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Written by Megan LeClair • Contact: [email protected] • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/meganeleclair