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Ocean Ridge Collection

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So often, a neighborhood has its own personality that develops depending on its location, distinct history, and vibe. Some places are so known by their identity that they become synonymous with specific qualities. Ocean Ridge is one such spot, and locals will tell you it has a reputation for refinement and exclusivity and has maintained that image for generations. 

Atlantic Beach has been a sought-after beach resort destination for decades— since Salter Path was a dirt road and life was simpler. Ocean Ridge was a neighborhood chosen by a lucky few for its namesake elevation as well as its position running along the shoreline facing south, away from the winds and waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Times have changed, and so has “The Beach,” which is now complete with options for fun and for family — fine dining, boutique shopping, a cinema, and a skate park, too, and all nearby. The feeling of nostalgia lingers in Ocean Ridge, with charming cedar shake homes tucked behind the dunes, where time spent at the shore remains a longed-for and popular pastime, privy to unspoiled scenery highlighted by soft sand beaches, spectacular sunsets, and the crystal-clear sea.

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