The North Carolina Seafood Festival

Ever Heard of a Seafood Festival?

When you think of the Crystal Coast, one of the first things that comes to mind is good seafood. What if I told you that there was a non-profit three-day event that celebrated our great food, as well as music, handmade gifts, clothing, and so much more?

The North Carolina Seafood Festival was started over 31 years ago. It is always held the first weekend in October. This time of the year is perfect for a festival like this, as temperatures are still generally in the 70s for us. The weather is not too humid and it’s a great time to spend outside.

It’s goal is to “promote the positive social and economic impact of the seafood industry on the citizens of North Carolina; educate the public about seafood and its importance to the state economy; publicize the wide variety of seafood indigenous to North Carolina and provide the opportunity for people to enjoy it; boost tourism and recreation in eastern North Carolina in the non-summer months; establish a scholarship program for educational pursuits related to the seafood industry; [and] provide the opportunity for North Carolina non-profit, civic, church and educational organizations to raise funds through participation in the festival”, as listed on its website. All proceeds that the festival makes are then shared with community organizations that have volunteered and donated time and effort to the event.

The festival offers free parking at a designated area with a shuttle to the festival, as well as handicap parking. ATM’s are offered at the festival as well. For food, you’ll find goodies such as calamari, “Down East” clam chowder, and charcoal mullet, as well as carnival classics like funnel cakes and even a wide array of desserts. Live music is offered at three different stages with continuous acts playing, all of which are free to attend. There are carnival rides and arcade games at the festival as well, perfect for the kids.

Everywhere you look are handmade items made by local vendors. Wood carving, glass blowing, paintings, and photography are all featured at the festival. You can even stop by the Festival Booth to pick up clothing, posters, and other items, each specific to the current year’s festival.

If you’re in the search of a new, family-friendly tradition, try attending our annual NC Seafood Festival! For fun, food, music, and goods, it’s the perfect destination stop for a visiting family, or a great new tradition for our locals to participate in.