Crystal Coast Lady Cruises in Atlantic Beach, NC

The Crystal Coast of North Carolina is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful parts of the state. Known for its miles of sparkling blue waters, its relaxing beaches, and its fascinating history, visitors from all over North Carolina and the rest of the country flock to this stretch of coast every year. One of the best ways to get a real feel for the Crystal Coast while staying in one of our Atlantic Beach rentals is to see it by boat. Several cruises will take you along the breathtaking coastline. Lady Cruises is one such company—in this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about where to go and how to book with Lady Cruises.

About The Company

Crystal Coast Lady Cruises is one of the area’s best known cruise companies. They offer some of the best tours of the Crystal Coast from the water. They have several boats and tour options to choose from. You’re sure to find the ideal length and tour style for you and your family. 

Each tour leaves from Beaufort and features an experienced narrator who will explain each notable sight you can see on the shoreline. These tours are some of the most relaxing and luxurious trips you can take from Beaufort—they are definitely not to be missed if you’re traveling to the area.

Choose A Cruise

Lady Cruises has a range of excellent cruises and tours to choose from. Here are all of the Lady Cruises tours.

Wild Horse & Dolphin Scenic Cruise 

This exciting cruise will take you along 15 miles of stunning shoreline focusing on the incredible wildlife of the region. You’ll travel from Beaufort down the lovely Taylor’s Creek where you may catch a glimpse of the spectacular wild horses on the Rachel Carson Reserve. You’ll sail past Radio Island, Fort Macon, Morehead City State Port, and then back to Beaufort. You may even see a few bottlenose dolphins swimming alongside your boat.

The cruise lasts for one and a half hours and leaves twice daily at 12PM and 4 PM. Wine, beer, and snacks are available on board. 

Wild Horse & Dolphin Sunset Cruise

If you like the sound of glimpsing the local wild horses and dolphins, but you want to add some romance and serenity to your trip, try the relaxing, unforgettable Wild Horse & Dolphin Sunset Cruise. Put your feet up, enjoy the refreshments, and take in the breathtaking red and gold views as the sun slips behind the horizon. 

This cruise lasts for 2 hours and departs before sunset each day.

Islands of the Crystal Coast Cruise

The Crystal Coast is filled with beautiful islands and the best way to see them is to hop aboard this fascinating tour. This is the newest tour offered by the company. You’ll love sailing along the coastline past beautiful waterfront villas and the famous Rachel Carson Reserve, home to the local wild horses.

This cruise leaves at 2PM daily and lasts for 1.5 hours.

Dolphin Watch

If you and your family are eager to catch a glimpse of the local NC bottlenose dolphins, this fun-filled cruise is perfect for you. The captain will keep a sharp, experienced eye out for the dolphins and will point them out as soon as they are sighted. This is your best chance of seeing the dolphins up close as they frolic and play in the beautiful blue waters. This exciting tour is all about dolphin chasing, so you never know exactly where you’ll end up. 

The tour lasts for 2 hours and leaves daily at 9AM. 

Educational Programs

The company also offers some longer educational outings for families who want to learn about the local history and wildlife. You’ll learn from knowledgeable Naturalists, teachers, and Anthropologists. The tours will teach you:

  • Horse History and Anatomy
  • Eco-systems
  • Seine Netting
  • Crabs and Crabbing
  • Shelling and Beach Exploration
  • History of the area

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