Ghost Stories of the Crystal Coast

North Carolina’s Crystal Coast is 85 miles of picturesque vacation spots and locales, but it also has a dark side. Many of the areas along the Crystal Coast are rich in pirating history and have rumors of ghosts haunting the […]

5 Reasons Atlantic Beach is the Best Beach Town

1. Summers in AB don’t feel as hot as other cities, in a good way Don’t get me wrong, the average temp during the summer here is 89 degrees, but because of the town’s close proximity to the ocean, summer […]

Fort Macon State Park, Atlantic Beach, NC

    After the War of 1812 with Great Britain, the US decided that it would be wise to strengthen our coastal defenses. Because of this, in 1826 Fort Macon was constructed. Its’ purpose was simple but vital, to guard […]

Was Blackbeard a Real Person?

Pirating was never a job that came with a lot of job security. You could disappear off the plank without a trace. Come across a foe and end up buried to sea. Annoy the wrong shipmate from a rival crew […]

Visit Fort Macon in Atlantic Beach

The nine acres of Fort Macon State Park make up some of the finest outdoor exploration available on a Crystal Coast vacation getaway. The second most-visited park in the state at 1.3 million visitors annually, this protected area offers a […]

Cape Lookout Moonrise Video

Watch this stunning video of a Cape Lookout moonrise lighthouse climb.