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Long Term Rentals

Long Term Rentals

Spectrum Rental Properties offers many long term rentals on the Crystal Coast including homes in Newport, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, Pine Knoll Shores and Beaufort. Listed below are our current listings for unfurnished and furnished long term rentals on the Crystal Coast.
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Mini Storage Space!! 1350 Sensation Weigh Near Jarrett BayBeaufort12' x 15'Yes$80
Mini Storage Space!! 1350 Sensation Weigh Near Jarrett BayBeaufort12' x 15'Yes$80
Village Green 524BMorehead City32.5No
Barefoot Lane 305Atlantic Beach32.5No$1,400
Sunny Drive 3606Morehead City32Yes Available 4/1$1,100
Village Green 518BMorehead City32.5Yes Available 4/1$1,250
Lord Granville Drive 913Morehead City32.5No$1,400
3601 Justin CtMorehead City32No$1,100
1591 NC Hwy 24 Newport21No$875
Flex Storage Space!! 1350 Sensation Weigh Near Jarrett BayBeaufort1650 sq ft24 ft ceiling heightNo$850
Arendell Street 1805AMorehead City11No$675
Arendell Street 1805BMorehead City11No$625
Arendell Street 1902
Morehead City21No$825
Arendell Street 3211Morehead City22No$950
Bermuda Green #8Pine Knoll Shores22No$1,050
Bradford Street 2502Morehead City32No$1,000
Brandywine Place 217Morehead City32No$1,300
Cagle Road 189Newport32No$1,000
Castle Ridge 101Morehead City22.5No$850
Cedar Lane 205Atlantic Beach43No$1,500
Charleston Landing 202Morehead City32.5No$1,275
Charleston Landing 305Morehead City32No$900
Willis Avenue 107-CAtlantic Beach33No$1,700
Clearwater on Country Club C103<Morehead City22No$825
Clubhouse Dr 1803Morehead City53No$1,800
Cottonwood Court 107Pine Knoll Shores43No$1,250
Courtyard East 502Beaufort22No$875
Courtyard Unit 902 Morehead City21.5No$900
Courtyard West 402Newport22No$850
Cypress Drive 126Pine Knoll Shores32No$950
Dockside 304Morehead City22No$1,400 - includes water, sewer, trash and cable
E. Ft. Macon Rd Unit AAtlantic Beach21No$900
E. Ft. Macon Rd Unit BAtlantic Beach21No$950
East Boardwalk 216Atlantic Beach22No$875
East Fort Macon Road 112Atlantic Beach22No$950
East Terminal 304Atlantic Beach21No$800
Emeline Place 2502Morehead City32No$1,000
Evans Street 1311Morehead City22No$850
Evans Street 2704Morehead City22No$1,125
Fairway Road 3011Morehead City32No$1,000
Florida Ave. 204Morehead City32No$950
Gales Drive 165Newport32No$1,250
Harborside Club 102Morehead City33No$1,275
Haystacks Unit 49Morehead City22No$1,295
Hedrick Blvd 1101Morehead City31.5No$1,000
Holly Lane 144Newport32No$975
Holly Road 117Pine Knoll Shores32No$1,200
Holly Road 120Pine Knoll Shores43No$1,375
Joslyn Drive 1907Morehead City32No$1,000
Knox Avenue 216Morehead City32No$1,100
Lord Granville Drive 204Morehead City32No$1,500
Lord Granville Drive 205Morehead City32No$1,050
Lord Granville Drive 219Morehead City32No$1,250
Ann StreetBeaufort21.5No$885
Willis Avenue 107-BAtlantic Beach33No$1,300
Mandy Lane 3104Morehead City32No$1,075
Mariner's Cove 103Morehead City22No$1,000
Mary Lane 116Newport42.5No$1,900
Masontown Road 930Newport32No$900
201 Gales Shore DrNewport32No$1,200
Oak Dr 117Morehead City32No$1,375
Oakleaf Road 278Pine Knoll Shores33No$1,750
Old Gate Road 3203Morehead City32No$1,100
Olde Towne Yacht Club 315Beaufort32No$1,350
Olde Towne Yacht Club 405Beaufort32No$1,300
Olde Towne Yacht Club 513 Beaufort32No$1,300
Olde Towne Yacht Club 608Beaufort22No$1,175
Otter Court 1500Morehead City32.5No$1,475
Penny Lane 402BMorehead City22No$900
Penny Lane 402CMorehead City32No$900
Penny Lane 402EMorehead City22No$850
Willis Avenue 107-AAtlantic Beach33No$1,300
Penny Lane 404BMorehead City22No$875
Reserve Green 213AMorehead City32.5No$1,400
Widgeon DriveMorehead City43No$1,475
Sound Blvd 125Newport21No$850
South Tree Court 302Newport32No$950
South Tree Court 307Newport32No$1,100
South Tree Court 309Newport32No$1,100
Virginia Avenue 205Morehead City31.5No$925
Summer Lane 211Newport32No$1,000
3012 Old Gate RdMorehead City32No$1,000
Sunrise Walk 502Newport32No$850
Village Green 541BMorehead City22No$1,100
Two Oaks Drive 204Newport32No$1,000
Village Green 504AMorehead City32.5No$1,200
Village Green 506BMorehead City32.5No$1,100
3100 Old Gate RdMorehead City32No$1,100
Carefree Lane 217Morehead City32No$1,250
Village Green 539BMorehead City32.5No$1,200
301 Cedarwood VillageMorehead City22.5No$975
White Drive 3506Morehead City42.5No
Villas at the Reef 14Pine Knoll Shores22No
Southpark Lane 109Newport32No
Savannah AvenueMorehead City22.5No
Two Oaks Drive 202Newport42No
Mandy Court 610Morehead City32No
Charleston Landing 307Morehead City32No
Arendell Street 1611Morehead City32No
Arborvitae Drive 157Pine Knoll Shores21.5No
Penny Lane 402FMorehead City22No


AddressCityBedroomsBathsAvailableMonthly Rate
Bluewater 107DAtlantic Beach22Yes

Southwinds F 16Atlantic Beach22No$1100/month includes all utlities
Sea N SeaAtlantic Beach32.5No$1,200
Haystacks Unit 49Morehead City22No$1,295
201 Gales Shore CircleNewport32No$1,200
Southwinds J-3Atlantic Beach22No$875
A Place at the Beach 120Atlantic Beach22No$875
New Bern Court 111BAtlantic Beach11No$600
Old Towne Yacht Club 315Beaufort32No$1,350
Old Towne Yacht Club405Beaufort32No$1,300
A Place at the Beach 362Atlantic Beach22No$1,200
Shepard Street 2100 (Up) Morehead City21No$1,050
Sands Villa 211Atlantic Beach22No$950
Sands Villa 411Atlantic Beach22No$950
Charleston Landing 305Morehead City32No$900
Sea Spray 110Atlantic Beach22No$950
Crystal View 104GAtlantic Beach22No$1,200
Southwinds I-9Atlantic Beach22No$875
Island Beach & Racquet Club H212Atlantic Beach32No
$1,250 Includes Utilities
Olde Towne Yacht Club 610Beaufort32No

$1,600 Includes utilities (cable and wifi also)